Friday, June 18, 2010

wool yarn+heat wave=sweaty fingers

(long time, no post.  too busy enjoying the amazing weather!)


We had our first intense heat wave (by Michigan standards) in May, right after we discovered our (new) air conditioner was broken.  A very long, and familiar, story short, we're waiting for our landlord to get it out and fixed.  Buuut, we learned some pretty amazing heat-proofing tricks that will definitely come in handy over the next few stormy days.

Knitting has been a struggle.  One of my formal summer goals  (I have a list!) was to knit as many projects as possible and finally accomplish some of the ideas I brew up during the semesters.  So far I've:
  • knit my first shoulder bag, learned to block, stitch, and make I-Chords
  • learned the wonders of t-shirt yarn and significantly added color and texture to my stash (all while cleaning the closet, another summer goal!)
  • knit Nick a winter hat with my first ball of Malabrigo Yarn (love, love, love their yarn, 300+ colors, and business)
  • created a list of baby hat ideas that I think will be really easy but creative and adorable
  • dug into the good stuff and began my next bag (pour moi!) with some of the yarn I've been saving

One in particular, 'Iceland', is an amazingly soft, off-white yarn from my favorite shop.  100% wool and loosely spun, the 250 yard skein wound up to a little smaller than my head!  It was like a big, fluffy snowball.  A big, fluffy snowball that make my hands sweat like crazy in this heat.

Really bad photo courtesy of Photo Booth.  The tan is my favorite yarn by Lion Brand, a super soft cotton, this one in 'khaki.'  The dark gray stripe is really slate/dark navy, depending on the light, and is the most interesting yarn I've ever knit with!  Because of intentional uneven tension, the gauge varies from 5 to 3 st/in and creates an amazing texture.  I can't wait to see how this bag turns out!

In the cooking news (cooking? huh?), a fellow dietetics major (now graduated) has created a great cooking blog and asked me to be a guest blogger!  I have a few recipes rolling around... I'm leaning toward a nice summer salad with a homemade dressing (test run at a housewarming party went ok, I think?), salmon with my honey-garlic-soy glaze, and some type of wild rice.  My favorite summer meal.  Her blog is over at Michelle's Kitchen, a must-see.

More on that to come!  Get hungry!