Thursday, February 17, 2011


We are in the midst of a thaw here in mid-Mich and it is much needed.  There isn't enough yarn in the world to cure me of the mid-winter blues.  I just can't seem to handle gray-skies day after day and being able to shed a few layers (a "how I bike to class at 8am in below zero temps" post is in the works) and soak up some rays was revitalizing!  The snow we had pile up (photos to follow) has been minimized to a soggy mass maybe 4" high nothing!  This is what we started with (after the infamous Snowpocalypse):

 That's right, superman-ed out our front door.

Ok, so maybe I added a few extra to show how much we enjoyed our snowday.  Even better than jumping into a pile of fresh fluffy snow?  Our Decemberists concert in Royal Oak that night was rescheduled!  Now it's on a Friday!  Much better than a Wednesday night before an 8am class with an exam.

As I'm sure everyone has noticed, Valentine's day has fallen upon us once again, and on a Monday no less.  Nick and I don't celebrate V-Day but we did grab a bit at our favorite burger joint; our anniversary is two days later and that is way more fun to commemorate!  It seemed like this year everyone was seriously divided: do you hate or love Valentine's day?

Nick and I celebrated our 4th anniversary!  Before class, I baked him a Nutella brownie/peanut butter cookie thing that made the house smell like peanuts all day!  I'm sure you could guess what his favorite sweet treat is...

And although we specifically discussed no gifts... Nick hand-made me a coupon for a new tennis racket!  I somehow was able to put my anger aside and might have squealed a little bit. 

Just a little.

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Kel said...

Haha, I love the snow pics! ahhh Michigan!