Sunday, August 1, 2010

I have a media reader!

Holy-moley, it's about time.

I just uploaded 10 months worth of photos, all the way back to last fall...

There was the weekend in Ann Arbor for Jerry's speech (congrats again!!)...

It snowed, I got festive...

There was a lot of packing, going back and forth from house to house for the holidays...  Wore me out!

How about a lovely candle-light walk through the Dow Gardens for Nick and I's three year anniversary?

Oh!  How and about some recycled yarn?

Once the snow finally melted and school ended, hiking and beaching was a must...

  A summer wedding forced Nick into the Gap to find some studdly clothes... I'm very proud of him, he cleans up well :)  I doubt he feels the same way...

  Summer is here and I am one happy camper.  More relaxing than I anticipated, but extremely enlightening.  Nick and I have been so active this summer, which surprisingly has brought us a lot closer.  Tennis, running, basketball, snorkeling, hiking, biking...  But most importantly, I hold the 1st place trophy in PIG and 2nd place in HORSE among him, his brother and friends this summer.  That's huge, guys.  HUGE.  And Nick got his bike fixed so we can ride our bikes to dinner and the courts.

  But August, why did you have to sneak up on me so quickly?  I was liking this lazy rhythm.  Work early, nap, run, eat, shower, then whatever I feel like (probably more eating)!  Ah, the life.

  School will start up soon, with full force I might add, and this will all be a distant memory.  I'm sure while my head is buried in MNT I and Advanced Nutrition textbooks I'll really be thinking about laying on the beach with the boy or making silk flowers.

  This is my last 'summer vacation,' and while I have lived it to it's fullest, the next two more semesters are inevitable.  Goals for my final year?  I am determined to graduate with some sort of honors, and although my GPA is only .8 away, this year is going to be a beast.

Bring it on! I say.

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