Thursday, April 14, 2011

projects, jobs, and housing, OH MY!

It has been a whirlwind of emotions here in mid-Mich. (or Northern Mich. depending on the day).  Maybe it's lack of sleep or excitement of all the upcoming events, but holy-moly where did my grasp on reality go?

Between birthdays and due dates, March was lost.  The semester began slowly, with a buzz of anticipation, anxiety and all of a sudden February and March were gone.  Now, assignments are due, we need to find a place to live after graduation, pack and move... and the list just keeps growing...

Looking back, I actually accomplished a lot in March! I bought my cap and gown, began planning the dietetic Seniors' night out (complete with shirts!),
and (ready for this?) I got a job!  It's with an amazing business making an amazing product, and everyone is thinking I'll be doing some amazing networking.  More details to come.  It feels great knowing I will have some sort of income once the move is compete.

I keep looking at my planner, reminding myself that it's really happening - we're moving, taking another big step in our relationship and adult lives, and it's going to crazy!  This post has been about two weeks in the making and now we're looking at three weeks.  THREE WEEKS!  Let me show you what that looks like to me:
4 hours of bottling homemade beer
13 possible BAB (work) shifts
1 advocacy letter, assignment, presentation, project, and 2 quizzes
20 lectures (2-3 lectures left per class!)
2 SDA meetings
1 Concert (wooo!!!)
1 celebratory shopping excursion
1 dinner/bar crawl (you can't call it a dietetics night out and NOT include food)
5 final exams

I know it might look like a lot but eliminate anything that sounds like fun and multiply each remaining item by 10 and that's approximately what I started with.  I've got a good handle on my class load and I might actually be able to enjoy these last few weeks!
Our last visit to TC was very relaxing (well, as relaxing as it ever will be).

Free stay at the casino.
Delilah DeWylde & The Lost Boys performing at the Good Work Collective launch party (she at one point was not only balancing on her bass, but playing it at the same time, too).
Once we got back into the swing of things down here, it was my cousin's 21st birthday! We went out and celebrated right.  While us lightweights (me) kept our composure for most of the evening, this little gem slipped in:
Thank goodness we at least have each other.
Second try, much better.
Upcoming posts include a recap of the Decemberists concert next Friday and possibly an update on my sanity.

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Kel said...

woot!!! WOW!! Nick's hair is really short! Can't wait to have you back in TC again!!