Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BAKE! with Zingerman's

Last Christmas, my parents gave me the opportunity to participate in one of Zingerman's BAKE! classes and I finally cashed it in!

Nick and I love Ann Arbor and always have to make time for an amazing, never disappointing sandwich from their famous deli.  The deli, one of many amazing and successful establishments upholding the Zingerman name, carries a crazy variety of imports from around the world and many home-grown products - all of which you can sample upon request (except for a very old balsamic vinegar and a very expensive caviar).

This is the PPP (Peter's Peppered Pick) - farm raised turkey, Arkansas peppered bacon, farm ranch dressing, lettuce, grilled farm bread. I minus the tomato and add cucumbers and extra sharp Vermont cheddar. Drooling yet?  It's for special occasions (passing biochem, for example) and it definitely is special to Nick and I.  In the above case, in town for a concert (that's special, right?)

Another thing they're famous (or infamous) for are their legally Magic Brownies, and THAT is what I'm going to learn to make.  And apparently go home with four pans of afterward!  I'll post more after the class, June 9th, unless I'm in a brownie coma.


Kel said...

OH man!!! I was drooling! and now I want brownies! 2 hours till lunch. . .

ambika anand said...

love zingermans! i need to try that!!