Tuesday, April 19, 2011


There is a trend, to my posts, despite it's random nature.  I post what I want, when I want.  I wish I could religiously follow creative theme posts, but that's just not how I roll.  I'm Random.  My blog should be called "Random Stuff I Feel Like Addressing, Deal."

Today I present a mishmash of things keeping me sane currently (I told you there would be an update on my sanity). Deal.

Friday, April 15th the government declared war (essentially) on the online poker community. I am personally affected by this, thus it is my responsibility to raise awareness. There is a lot beyond our control, such as the actually crimes the sites committed, but it is simply unacceptable to basically fire thousands of online poker players (many of whom ACTUALLY pay taxes on the income tied up because of all of this).  The crimes committed are not by the players who have the skill to make it their living, but by the companies.  My point, recognize that poker is a game of skill and please help take action.

So, in light of current (life-changing) events, I'm focusing on the little things that make me happy.  For starters, the cup of coffee in my hand, infused with cinnamon, and new music.

If you have been living under a rock you might not know that Radiohead released a new album.  Solid.  I tend to have a different list of favorites than most (I get emotionally involved in each album differently, ask me, I love to talk Radiohead), but it has worked it's way up to one of my favorites. So, in my Tuesday morning melancholy state, I check my email and found that they sent their fans two free tracks as a thank you.  Thank YOU, Radiohead.  My favorite of the two, 'The Butcher,' was apparently supposed to be on the new album but couldn't be worked in.  Here's what they said:
"FYI... 'The Butcher' was recorded and mixed during 'The King of Limbs' sessions, but we couldn't make it work on the album; 'Supercollider' was started during those sessions and finished off in March of this year."
Also to report, on the knitting front, I have completed my Malabrigo Cowl/Shawl for the most part.  After attaching the buttons in a very unconventional way (do I ever work conventionally?), I realized the stretch of the buttons was not what I wanted so I'm in the process of stitching it together, creating "faux buttons." Photos to come.

Just as I logged in this morning my friend Kelly over at Fern Street sent me this wonderful link. Basically, she just gave a crack head more crack. A poor crack head, at that. Some of my favorites:

Apparently I'm an earth tone gal, how appropriate this week!  

To close, remember to appreciate the little joys in life, whether it be that first sip of coffee or the five minutes you get with the most important person in your life. Love, with whatever, whomever, is what keeps us sane.


Kel said...

hahaha! love the yarn post! WOOT! I wanna try some! that yarn looks like too much fun!

Also, I will keep my eyes posted on facebook for poker for the department of justice!

Jes said...

Online poker is REALLY the most important thing to be investigating right now? If the government wants it's cut of online poker so badly, regulate it already! Taxes have literally just been paid on money in frozen accounts. I'm utterly furious.