Sunday, September 19, 2010

sleepy sunday morning

Being productive before noon on a Sunday... not something I plan on doing today.  My time was better spent sleeping in with the boyfriend before he starts work, consuming larger quantities of fabulous coffee, and being inspired by beautiful things on this internet thing.  This is The Post of Random Things.  Enjoy.

First of all, check out Twin Shadow's "Savannah Howl" via Grorilla vs. Bear.  Love it.

More love, makes my eyes happy on this dreary day, via Color Collective:

The second reminds me of some newer Glenn Wolff projects.  

I definitely need some inspiration after last week.  

The semester is beginning to get brutal.  Classes are amazing but it is going to be a monumental task to keep my head above water.  With at least one assignment due each week per class (more often two per class), it's pretty easy to fall behind.

My main goal this semester (one of many, on a more personal, non-academic note) is to be a bit more outgoing, meet more fascinating people, and make the most of my college student career.  I'm not a typical college student but I know I'll regret it later on if I don't have a little fun.  I've found a great group of people to work with; we're meeting, studying, comparing case studies and notes, it's wonderful.  I know my grades are going be better because of it but these are also people I see myself hanging out with and missing after graduation.  

It's important to form these bonds; we're in this (pardon) shit together, learning about ourselves, constantly questioning everything around us, and each one of us understands that horrified look we have in our eyes.  It's a bond, relationship, understanding you can't get anywhere else.   I'm very glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to make some changes.

On the crafting front (enough of that serious life stuff!), I knit a headband with some yarn from my secret stash.  Quick, fun, and goes wonderfully with my new semester haircut. :)  I finished my first one after an all-nighter of studying for advanced nutrition.  I discovered you can't go to bed after studying the nutrient absorption of the digestive system (among MANY MANY other functions) for five hours.  So many color combo's, patterns, oh my!  I see many more of these in my future (all-nighters AND headbands!).

New movie (for me): the boy and I watched The Count of Monte Cristo last night.  So romantic.  I hope he knows how much I adore him.

After being inspired by on of my favorite artist's sketchbooks, Stella Im Hultberg, I've decided to keep one of my own.  I love doodling and like knitting, I've found it to be very theraputic.  While I'm not an artist, I think being able to sketch the little things around me (on campus, in class, studying at Kaya - my new home) will be a great way to document this stage in my life.  Too much inspiration, energy, enthusiasm, hope, excitement to contain!

Some of my favorites to end, I love the tea-stained parchment:

How are you going to make the most of your Sunday?

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