Wednesday, September 22, 2010

mid-week madness!

I need to come up for air!

This week has been insane.  As will be the next, and next, and next... and so on until Thanksgiving.  Had a quiz in Quantity Purchasing (foodservice, warehouses, lame, lame, contracts, supply, demand, lame...) and I totally kicked it's butt.  First Medical Nutritional Therapy exam tomorrow (awesome class x100).  Case study for Advanced nutrition due Wednesday (100 pts, yikes!), followed by quizzes, a massive group project, exam... and so on.  It will not end until... well, the end of the semester.

So!  Here is a mid-week breath of fresh air, perfect for this mini-heat wave we had, via Color Collective.  I need some color this week to put a little energy into my step.

I finally get to come home this weekend!  Headed back after advanced and studying with a friend on Friday.  Hopefully pictures to come, my dad's jeep is in the shop getting new tires and a bigger lift.  Yes, I said bigger.  For those who understand:  35" tires, new black rims, and a 3" lift.  Holy-moly, I can't wait to inherit this baby!  Wishful thinking :)

I can't wait to see friends and family, hit up my fav spots, eat some amazing food!

Speaking of favorites, my favorite bar is hosting the 2nd annual Zombie Run on Halloween weekend!  My light, well, in the middle of the tunnel.

Back to some med. terminology... woohoo!

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