Wednesday, September 8, 2010

smells like fall: spiced walnuts

My home smells like cinnamon!

Nick and I made manicotti (from a favorite place back home), cucumber salad, and asiago bread (store bought, hehe).  In the fourty minutes it took to bake, I frantically came up with a dessert idea.

After assessing my pantry situation (yikes!), I found

brown sugar
(soy) milk

among other seemingly impossible ingredients.  What came out was warm, buttery, cinnamon-y goodness. Spiced walnuts.

This is really dangerous - ice cream, yogurt, salads, ALONE!  So I was a good girl and individually bagged appropriate portions, but they magically disappeared very quickly... but think of all those omega-3's!

I'm pretty sure fall is here. :)

1 comment:

Kel said...

YUM!!! I'll have to try it :)