Saturday, October 2, 2010

rainy saturday morning

Happy October!  Before you start reading, head over to Gorilla vs Bear and begin the playlist, starting with Diplo's remix of Deerhunter's new track, Helicopter.  Perfect and hypnotic for that cup-o-joe and catching up on this week's happenings around the blog world.

I stumbled upon a cookbook Ikea helped publish, “Hembakat är Bäst,” (Homemade is Best), found on NOTCOT.  Oh. My. Goodness.  They had some fun with this one.  Here are some of my favorite excerpts:

I need this book.  Please, and thank you.

My stumblings brought me to this gem as well.  Yay, bananas and art work!  I love seeing creativity and food mingling, get voting!

 I'm torn between 5 (K and muscle/nerve regulation... clever), 7 (banana phone, anyone?), and 8 (just plain awesome.

 I couldn't help but notice a striking resemblance between this shirt and #2:

Between school and work, and more school, I've forgotten about my FNCE countdown!  In 34 days and 2 hours, I will be on a plane headed non-stop to Boston MA for the annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo!  Not only is this my first trip to Boston, but my first (hopefully not the last) opportunity to attend the American Dietetic Association's largest get-together.  I'm extremely excited to be surrounded by professionals of the nutrition trade and pick the brains of company's, like sponsor's Coke and the Corn Refiner's Association of America.  Not to mention all the free swag!!!  As I said, I've never been to Boston.  Any suggestions?

As I type, my family is on their way down for the football game, so I better do that shower thing and try to get some studying done.

You better be checkin' the changing leaves, it only comes once a year.

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