Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, all!

This weekend was amazing.  I finally had a much needed break from school and was able to act my age.  Here's a little summary of my fall events:
Mount Unpleasant can be pleasant sometimes.
Pumpkins were carved, seeds were roasted.

Zombie run: post-apocalypse photo-op.
Nick's family and I were able to sneak a nice walk in after the run before we spent some much needed time with his grandparents.  These are all from their backyard out on the p.  I missed the fall colors back home this year, or so I thought.  I finally had time to relax, breathe, and appreciate the little details; the colors of fall are hidden all around us, not just in the trees.

This little guy somehow made it through our mitten hurricane!

I love my home.

Finally, a night out with friends and the boy
Also this weekend, I made some serious progress on my bag!  To my dismay, however, I bought some necessary supplies from JoAnn's and the very next day my coupons came in the mail.  But anyway, I hand-sewed the liner, blocked, and then stitched the liner in this weekend.  I am beyond happy with the results!  I love what blocking can do!  My advisor/professor is a wonderwoman (makes everything from scratch: yogurt and cheese from her goats, lotion/tinctures from the herbs in her garden, spins yarn sheered from her own sheep...) and she is going to help me attach the strap.

All I need is a sweet button!

I hate to admit it, but I'm hibernating from the trick-or-treat-ers.  I've got hotel, flight, and conference confirmations to print/label/organize into my little travel folder; packing lists to make; professional outfits to arrange...  Ahh!! I don't feel ready!  I may be a big girl, but traveling alone has given me more anxiety than classes.  I just need to make some lists, organize, and I'll be fine.

Hopefully I can update soon after the conference!  Until then!

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