Monday, October 25, 2010

monday madness.

I'm coming up for air!

Mondays I am on campus for, ready for this, 11 hours.  8am advanced nutrition, 12pm nutrition education, 2pm quantity purchasing (lame), SDA meetings at 5:30, with some study time in-between.  Did I mention that four of those hours are spent in the same room, two classes back-to-back?

The past 6 days I have been a gestational diabetic.  Before you freak out, I'm not actually pregnant.  For our 570 class we have to role play for a project to teach us empathy.  If you are diabetic, I applaud you for your (hopefully) great glucose control on top of your daily routines!  We are required to check out a glucometer, follow a strict diet typical of a gestational diabetic, and monitor our blood glucose 5 times a day.  This entails pricking my finger when I wake up, before I eat lunch, after, before I eat dinner, and after, all while eating three sensible, low-sugar, moderately low-carb meals and a snack every 2-3 hours.  Don't even think about that cider you just bought. This sounds all wonderful, eating a lot, but wow, I have to eat a lot.  I HAVE gained weight, along with irritability.  I am being graded on my adherence to the diet which means those donuts we bought at Papa's Pumpkin Patch, off limits.  Boo diabetes.  Did I mention NO WINE?!?

But, alas, my last day is tomorrow and I can go back to eating my way.  I learned that I have amazing internal regulation.  I have forced myself to eat when I'm not hungry, a big no-no in most situations, just to avoid losing points on this project.  My body so does not want three bid meals with snacks.  I like my prolonged breakfast in the morning, small lunch, snacks mid-afternoon... you get the idea.  I'm proud of my body!  I may tend to binge a little at night if we buy too many tempting snack foods, but I'm otherwise great at listening to what my body needs.  Thank you, FNS 577!

I decided to sneak home before my meeting tonight; I'm in charge of fund-raising for FNCE and I need to go approve the artwork for the t-shirts I created.  I have a lot of work to get done this and next week, but after that it should be smooth sailing!  10 days until Boston!  193 days until graduation!  AND I'm officially registered as a zombie for the race this weekend, which I convinced my favorite professor and his wife to participate in!  Nothing like meeting the proff at your favorite bar, right?

Here is a cool link, just to stir some envy.

Other note-worthy things: visited a pumpkin patch with a good friend, carved, and baked pumpkin seeds, devoured pumpkin donuts and cider (finally!)... not much else, unless you want the gory details of my studies.

I think I see some sunshine peaking out... I'm off for a quick bike ride to clear my head then back to the grind!

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